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To skiers of all ages and abilities, welcome to ESC Alpine!


Fast, fit, and fun with friends and family.

Skiing is a life long passion for many of us. It's a bond with the mountains and our bountiful Canadian winters. It's what gets us excited about the snow rather than dreading it. And there is no better way to learn the sport than with Alpine Ski Racing. Alpine Racing is so much more than competitive skiing. Especially for the young ages, it is about introducing the spirit of individual pursuits but also teamsmanship. It's about learning to embrace the winter, and the snow, and the exhilarating feeling of gliding down a mountain!  It's about having fun.

ESC Alpine is a club that prides itself in welcoming all comers of any skill level in pursuit of this. Where your child goes from there is up to them but we offer avenues for all levels of intensity and performance as they progress. The ultimate goal is to create great technical skiers who can enjoy the sport for the rest of their lives.

2019–20 Ski Season

ESC Alpine will be returning to Edmonton Ski Club for the 2019–20 season! Training will be Mondays and Wednesdays 6–8pm, and Sundays 10am–1pm.


2019–20 registration

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Our experience at ESC has been awesome! It’s a small club and has that family feel.
— Margo

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