Cold Weather Policy

Needless to say, alpine skiing and racing are outdoor activities that take place in all kinds of winter weather. Believe it or not, for more seasoned participants, this is one of the alluring aspects of the sport!

ESC Alpine has the following COLD WEATHER CLOSURE POLICY:

-23 C (at 1600 hours on the day in question, not including wind chill, as determined from the Environment Canada website) is the cut point with respect to skiing/training.

  • When the temperature is warmer than or equal to – 23 C (not including wind chill), the club will be open for training
  • When the temperature is colder than -23 C (not including wind chill), training will be canceled

Please ensure that you and your child/athlete are dressed and outfitted appropriately for the conditions.

Alpine skiing and racing are NOT endurance sports. Coaches of young children/athletes will bring their groups indoors regularly for warming, bathroom breaks, and refreshments. As well, ensure that your child/athlete knows to go inside whenever necessary (after informing their coach).